High School Elective Courses offered by C.A.A.

C.A.A. has a number of elective courses that can be included with your curriculum choices. Please visit with your academic advisor concerning elective recommendations for your student.

Workbook Style Electives: Full Year

American Literature (Semester)
Anthropology and Sociology (Semester)
Art I and II
Astronomy (Semester)
British Literature (Semester)
Business Computer Information Systems
Business Math
Collectivism (Semester)
Consumer Math
Constitution (Semester)
Family and Consumer Science (Home Ec.)
Foundations for Living - Christian Philosophy
Geology (Semester)
Health (Semester)
Health Quest (Semester) - 5th - 8th grades
Life of Christ
Literature and Creative Writing - 2nd - 6th grades
Music (Semester)
New Testament Church History
New Testament Survey
Nutrition Science (Semester)
Old Testament Survey
Spanish I and II (requires CD's)
Speech (Semester)
Successful Living (Practical life principles from the book of Proverbs)
Trigonometry (Semester)

Foreign Languages:


Rosetta Stone Foreign Languages are available online from C.A.A.. Over 22 different languages are available online.

If you don’t have availability to the internet, Rosetta Stone in a CD format may be purchased* directly from Rosetta Stone Publications.
* Courses purchased separately will incur an Administrative Fee and must have prior approval to receive credit.

On-Line Electives: Semester Courses

20th Century History
ACT Test Prep.
American Literature
British Literature
Business Computer Information Sys (Full Year)
Civil War
College Planner
Consumer Math (Full Year)
Digital Arts (Photography)
Essentials of Business
Essentials of Communication - Speech
Essentials of Math
Family and Consumer Science (Full Year)
French -Elementary
French I (Full Year)
French II (Full Year)
Health Quest - Middle School Health Education
High School Health Education
Music Appreciation
Music Theory
Spanish -Elementary
Spanish I (Full Year)
Spanish II (Full Year)
State Histories
Vietnam Era History

Bible Electives:

New Testament Survey (Full Year)
Old Testament Survey (Full Year)
Bible Doctrines (Full Year)
Christian Faith and Living (Full Year)
Foundations for Living (Full Year)

Career and Technical Education Electives:

Business Law
Career Explorations I and II
Career Management
Careers in Allied Health
Digital Arts (Photography)
Engineering and Design
Engineering and Innovation
Engineering and Product Development
Fundamentals of Computer Systems
Fundamentals of Digital Media
Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development
Introduction to Consumer Services
Introduction to Information Support and Services
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Network Systems
Keyboarding and Applications
Network System Design
New Applications
Nursing - Possibilities and Potential
Office Applications I and II
Small Business Entrepreneurship
Software Development Tools
Technology and Business