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Our regionally and nationally accredited courses are designed to help your student have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses to bring up his or her GPA, catch up to classmates, or accelerate their studies. Students do not need to be enrolled full time with CAA and may choose from online or workbook courses, which can be completed simultaneously while enrolled at their local school.

How it works


The educational emphasis of Christian Academy of America presents an individualized educational program which results in student mastery of educational competencies and course requirements.
Credit recovery/Summer school

Bible-based, Christian content

Individualized to meet each student's needs

Encourages student responsibility and self-motivation

Self-instructional mastery based work texts

Assures mastery of course content

Promotes goal setting and rewards achievement

  • Credit Recovery/Summer School
    4th - 12th Grades

4th - 12th Grade

Tuition is on a "Per Course" basis.

Workbook courses with answer keys
Online courses (2 course minimum online)
Instruction Sheet
Record Keeping Materials
Report card/transcript

Ask an Academic Advisor for available curriculum courses and electives

Tuition Information

Tuition Options Credit Recov/Summer School
4th - 8th Grade
Credit Recov/Summer School
9th - 12th Grades
Full Course
Half Credit Course

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