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What Students &

Parents Say

Read our student and parent testimonies to see how CAA has helped them and can help you.

Today we received our first quarter’s work, and just days after enrolling! The girls were so excited as we unpacked the schoolwork. The material is beautiful, very colorful, and eye appealing. The girls can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the fast service and for contacting the school they had been attending so quickly for their school records.

September 2016

My daughter loves this! We are so fortunate to be a part of it! I recommend Christian Academy of America to anyone who wants to homeschool children!! Wonderful Principal and Staff, excellent curriculum, it's just fantastic!!

August 2016

The curriculum provided by Christian Academy of America is the best, well-rounded curriculum I have used. The curriculum is both thorough and challenging. The staff at the school is friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and very helpful. The four years I have been a part of this Academy have been such a positive experience. Everything about my experience has been organized and easy for me and therefore my daughter excels. My daughter is thriving and is very happy with her school. Christian Academy of America has helped us to accomplish even more than we had anticipated. We are extremely satisfied.

April 2016

From a mom with elementary children:

I love this school and curriculum. The academics are top notch but beyond that, the values taught are the same ones that my husband and I are teaching our children. Your program fits perfectly with our life on the farm. When academic studies are completed in the morning, the afternoon is available to work with the animals.

September 2016

The curriculum materials supplied make it very easy for him to understand and review. The flexibility of the course structure works with his schedule, and it allows him to pursue his sports career. I feel the material and instruction has better prepared my son for college.

March 2016

The Christian-based workbook curriculum fits the needs of my child. He loves it and is doing well with it. Support from the school staff on high school planning and college planning has been great. At the beginning of the Geometry course, my son had a low score on the 1st test and I consulted with the staff. They provided information and resources to help and a plan for bringing up his grade. He ended up with an A in the class overall.

April 2016

From a family in their 4th year enrolled in CAA with 3 children enrolled:

Thank you so much for the time spent through the years planning the Advanced Honors course of study for my children. Several months ago when I called for a suggestion concerning my high schoolers, you took the time to discover my children’s needs then found a local group that would fit their interest area – the Civil Air Patrol. They have been involved in the local chapter since that time and are now being honored with several awards. This program has been such a blessing to our family and has prepared our children for college.

September 2016

What I like most about Christian Academy of America is being able to provide my daughter a Christian based curriculum that challenges her, and, at the same time, gives her confidence that she can do it without all the pressures of a traditional classroom school. It is also nice having the flexibility to complete school work in a manner that works for our family's schedule.

March 2016

We like the fact that this is a Christian based school, and is very affordable. The staff is kind and the curriculum material is easy to

March 2016

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