The workbook format is self-instructional, individualized curriculum, primarily from Accelerated Christian Education, Inc. with other options available.
The academically sound coursework takes the student towards specific, understandable goals. Students in 1st-8th grades work in a minimum of six subjects, with *Bible and penmanship thoroughly integrated into each subject.
Parents of 9th – 12th grade students are able to consult with a high school advisor who will assign courses individually to ensure students meet the Graduation Requirements.

*The Bible verses used are primarily the King James Version.  Parents may substitute other versions for memory work if they prefer.



The educational emphasis of Christian Academy of America presents an individualized educational program which results in student mastery of educational competencies and course requirements.
Workbook curriculum benefits

Bible-based, Christian content

Individualized calendar and curriculum

Encourages student responsibility and self-motivation

Flexible, students may work anytime 24/7 without being tied to a classroom schedule

Self-instructional mastery-based content

Assures mastery of course content

Optional annual achievement testing for grades 4-11

Self-paced, students may finish a grade level at an accelerated rate or take
up to 12 months


1st - 8th Grade

Workbook Program Includes:

6 core subjects include Math, English,
Social Studies, Science, Word Building (Spelling), and Bible
Teacher’s answer keys for all subjects
Optional diagnostic testing for 2nd - 8th grades, for course individualization
Course counseling, and support with Handbook and Quick Start Guide
Annual report cards and any other necessary school records
Shipping and tax included for U.S. residents
Additional electives are available

9th - 12th Grade

Workbook Program Includes:

6 subjects which includes electives
High School education consultant providing course projections for graduation
High School transcript
Diagnostic testing available
Annual report card and all necessary school records
Handbook of Instructions
Teacher's answer keys
Extra courses and electives are available

Tuition Information

Tuition installments are available. C.A.A. offers a 5% discount
off the tuition for the second, third, and fourth student enrolled from the same family.

Tuition Options 1st - 8th Grades 9th - 12th Grades

*Registration Fee is non-refundable. See Refund Policy.

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