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Whether you prefer ONLINE or WORKBOOK curriculum, Christian Academy of America will help you prepare them academically and train them for critical thinking and biblical decision making with an accredited Christian homeschool academy.

  • Easy and Affordable Enrollment - Year Round
  • Diagnostic Assessment for accurate placement in  curriculum
  • Customized homeschool curriculum
    for each child
  • Character based, Christian curriculum
    for K-12
  • Professional Record Keeping & 
  • High School credits awarded
  • High School Diploma
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Qualified and Friendly Academic Advisors
  • Parent Handbook
  • Accountability: end of quarter reminders
  • End of the year Report Cards
  • Annual Achievement Tests provided at no charge - Stanford 10 online.
  • Completion of forms for student insurance or driver's license when appropriate

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Testimonial from a grateful family


CAA has changed our family.
  Within a week after starting the program, our children woke up smiling and wanting to learn.  Prior to enrolling, my son cried every morning on the way to school. Because of his autism, most of the other children at the school called him derogatory names.  Our school district seemed helpless to stop the abuse and did not have a program to meet his emotional and academic needs. Often, my husband or I would be required to go to the school and sit with him in the class.  Your school has changed my children's lives and their future. Each day I see the sparkle in their eyes and the pride they show when they finish their schoolwork. No longer do I hear the word "failure".  My children now understand that a mistake is part of learning.  Because of my terminal cancer, I know that I won't be here to see my children become adults.  I no longer fret with that thought.  I now have a great peace about their well-being and I wanted to thank you and your staff for that.




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Christian Homeschooling


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National Association of Private Schools

Accredited Homeschool

National Association of Private Schools


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools


High School Diploma


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Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central Time

Christian Academy of America does not discriminate against members, applicants, students, and others on the basis of race, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin.

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2016 Online Graduation Ceremony
New Date: August 6, 2016

We are an accredited, parent-friendly, Christian homeschool academy dedicated to providing the best in academic excellence while freeing parents to enjoy the experience of teaching their children.  We make homeschooling stress free by providing all materials, lesson plans, record keeping and transcripts.

Your children will love our affordable K-12 homeschool curriculum.  Children proceed at their own pace, earn a high school diploma, and can even graduate early with our homeschool academy.

With over 1000 graduates, for the past 29 years, Christian Academy of America has helped over 7500 families achieve their goal of homeschooling.

In a recent parent survey, 99% of C.A.A. parents said they were extremely satisfied and were very likely to recommend the Academy to a friend or relative.

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Christian Academy of America

Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Academy of America and Homeschooling

Q. “Aren’t all Home School Academies the same?”
A. Christian Academy of America customizes the homeschooling experience for each family and each child utilizes several individualized, flexible curriculums, coupled with on-call support for all your administrative and academic needs. In addition, the school schedule is left in the hands of the parent.

An additional note: Many cyber schools or online distance learning schools are now being operated under state control. This means, a state-controlled curriculum with no teaching of God, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, or His principles.

Q. “What are the requirements for home schooling?”
A. Homeschooling requirements differ from State to State. The organization with your State’s homeschooling requirements is located on the Internet at

Q. “ Are nationally standardized achievement tests utilized in Christian Academy of America?”
A. Yes, C.A.A. uses the Stanford 10 online assessment . This is a nationally recognized achievement test and C.A.A. is pleased to offer this test for 4th - 12th grades beginning in the spring of 2012.

Q. “How many students home school in the United States?”
A. More than two millions children are home schooling in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Government statistics show that the number of new homeschooling families is rising 15 to 20 percent each year.

Q. “How do children who school at home socialize with other children?”
A. Regardless of where they receive their education, children interact with parents, family members, neighbors, friends and people in the community. In fact, we know from experience that the socialization children receive during homeschooling is healthier, happier and more productive than the so-called socialization that occurs in most traditional schools. Community-based programs like soccer, baseball and gymnastics are just a few examples of activities in which home school kids regularly participate. Church activities are also an important part of children’s socialization. In addition, many school districts allow home school students to participate in extracurricular activities from band to drama to sports.

Q. “Do home school families have access to extracurricular activities?”
A. Homeschooling is a very efficient method of education. In other words, a lot more learning takes place in four hours of home school than in a traditional school setting. That means that children who are home schooled have more time to pursue their hobbies and interests and talents. At Christian Academy of America, you and your child are not constrained by a regimented school day. In fact, CAA has helped many elite athletes as well as actors gain the education they need while still pursuing their passion.


Joel and Fabi Haynes
Missionaries to the Navajo Nation

C.A.A. Graduate
Read Joel's testimony on the Testimonials Page

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