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CAA has many tools & resources to help students who have an IEP, 504 plan, or other special needs.

What We Offer:

Academic Assessments

After registration, optional academic assessments are available for students who may be struggling academically. This is primarily for students who are struggling in either Math or English/Language Arts. These evaluations help us discover weak areas and enable us to match the curriculum with his/her specific educational needs. There is no additional fee for this service.

Self-paced Curriculum

A standard school year is nine months, but our self-paced curriculum allows students up to twelve months to complete the school year if needed. Within this timeframe, there is flexibility to go at a slower pace, take breaks, and even repeat lessons. Students are not limited by standard classroom hours and may take as much time as needed on a daily basis and when taking tests.

Mastery-Based Content

Our mastery-based curriculum is designed to ensure students fully grasp each concept before advancing to the next one.


Students may work anytime 24/7 without being tied to a classroom schedule.

Encourages student responsibility and self-motivation

Students are able to repeat lessons and retake quizzes and tests to improve comprehension and grades.


Online students have access to Ignitia’s text-to-speech feature. This feature can be used within lessons, quizzes, tests, and projects to read text aloud while the student follows along.


Our resource center includes links to many additional resources that may be helpful to students and families with special needs.

If your student needs further accommodations please feel free to reach out to our office and we will be happy to help you in any way we can while still meeting our accreditation standards.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Ignacio Estrada

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Students may not skip lessons, quizzes, or tests without prior written approval from CAA. Our goal is to place students in material that is on their academic level. Therefore, skipping material is not usually necessary or advantageous.

Since CAA is not a state- or tax-funded school, there are some programs that we may not be able to provide. However, CAA is fully accredited, and our desire is to accommodate the needs of students as much as possible while meeting the standards of our accrediting organizations.

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