Our Mission

Christian Academy of America is an accredited, distance learning private school, dedicated to helping families that desire to educate their children at home. CAA provides an individualized, K-12, Bible-based, Christian program that maintains the Christian worldview and prepares students for 21st century challenges to impact their local community.

Our Vision

The vision of Christian Academy of America is for each student to:

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Our Staff


Jonathan Pulaski

Mr. Pulaski currently serves as the Administrator of CAA and has been involved in many aspects of Christian Education for 35 years. His experience includes teaching in the classroom, high school guidance, school consultations and evaluations as well as administration. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and also serves on the NAPS (National Association of Private Schools) accreditation, Board of Directors. 
The local church is one of his passions and he actively serves as a Sunday school teacher and enjoys being involved in the music ministry. Mr. Pulaski loves spending time with his family and ten grandchildren. His desire is to serve others and assist parents in training their children to not only be academic leaders, but also Christian leaders with a foundation of Biblical training.

Karen Pulaski

Mrs. Pulaski currently serves as the Principal of CAA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and has over 20 years of elementary and middle school classroom experience. She and Mr. Pulaski have been married for 36 years, have four children, and ten grandchildren. She also actively serves in her church wherever she is needed. 


Victoria Keas

Victoria serves as CAA’s high school guidance counselor and assistant principal. She has experience teaching music as well as helping home school her younger siblings. She enjoys assisting our CAA families with high school course selections as well as answering questions parents and students have throughout the year. Victoria has an Administrative Assistant Certificate from Penn Foster Career School, and has also earned her English teaching certification from International TEFL and TESOL Training. She was born in China, where her family served as missionaries, and lived there until she was 18. She is fluent in Chinese and enjoys playing several instruments, singing, reading, and running.

Josh Pulaski

Josh serves as our Assistant Administrator. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Hyles Anderson College. Married with children, Josh enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors.

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Becca Williamson

Becca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Missions Education from Hyles Anderson College.  She has three years of early elementary classroom experience, and is an Administrative Assistant and Educational Consultant with CAA.  Becca also directs our social media platforms and media department. She is married to Ryan Williamson who is an assistant pastor at their local church. She has two children, enjoys sourdough baking, and spending time outdoors.

Mary Morrison

Mary is an administrative assistant and Mary graduated from North Central Texas College with an Associate of Arts in General Studies. She loves learning new things, and it makes her happy to hear when students share that excitement. Mary enjoys reading (especially with kids), writing, and spending time outdoors. 

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Caitlin Wright

Caitlin is working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from West Coast Baptist College. She has spent time assisting in Elementary classrooms and served as an afternoon teacher at a daycare. She loves reading, baking, playing volleyball, and playing and refereeing soccer.

Vicki Keever

Vicki is currently serving as Receptionist at CAA.  She has been an Administrative Assistant in the Public School System in Fort Worth, Texas,  and Staff Accountant at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri.  Vicki and her husband Ricky enjoy serving in church and have held several positions over the years. Currently, Vicki leads a Ladies’ Bible Study.  They have two daughters, six grandchildren and even a few great-grands. They love spending time with family and friends.

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Brittany bio

Brittany Johnson

Brittany is CAA’s office assistant. As a homeschool graduate, Brittany is passionate about supporting families on their own homeschool journey. She loves helping others, and currently serves in various roles at her church and local youth camp. Brittany also enjoys solving puzzles, reading, being in nature, and learning new things.

CAA also has several part time employees that are a big help in our daily operations as well as some who work remotely. We have an awesome team that enjoys serving our families!

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Philosophy of Education

It is the belief of Christian Academy of America that the responsibility of education comes directly from God to the parents and home (Deut. 6:4-10). The Academy exists in purpose to assist Christian parents with their responsibility to educate their children according to the teachings of Scripture that each student might exhibit Christlikeness and recognize their responsibility to grow in maturity, in obedience to God, and in service to others.

  Christian Academy of America believes in the utilization of modern educational materials and technologies in order to provide educational opportunities and experiences that are now available to every Christian family.


  Christian Academy supports the Biblical teaching that each person is a unique creation in the image of God and that each person is a spiritual, physical, and social being. Therefore, the Academy places an emphasis on training the complete person. Due to man’s fallen nature, discipline is needed to train the will and to build character, behavior and good habits in each student. C.A.A. strives to impact each student by appealing to those special talents and abilities with which each is gifted. By virtue of these differences, the Christian home should teach individual students where they are academically, emotionally, and spiritually gifted. Therefore, the Academy seeks to individualize the coursework with the idea of taking the students from where they are to where they need to be. This individualized process will provide each student with appropriate learning tasks, time frames, and standards for content mastery.


 The parent holds the primary responsibility for the education of the child. Once enrolled, the parent has agreed to partner with the Academy to accomplish the task of educating the student. The Academy staff supporting the parent creates a very powerful combination. Daily parental involvement as the primary educator is essential to ensure the student’s success. “Primary” in this context means “first in line”. As the primary educator, the parent’s role is to establish the proper student work area and to supervise the student during their daily activities, while making sure that all procedures as set forth in the Handbook and Instructions are being carefully followed. The parent is further tasked with assisting the student when an impasse in the coursework is reached and monitoring the progress of the student throughout the school year. The Academy Handbook gives the parent the detailed instructions for the monitoring of student progress and the Academy staff is available to assist the parent at any time during regular school hours.

  Christian Academy of America does not encourage or condone parents to leave their children alone in the home. In most states this is not legal until the child is of a certain age. It is very tempting for a parent to leave students, particularly older students, to work independently at home and/or on the computer. C.A.A. highly discourages parents from such practices. Most students lack the maturity to manage their time wisely without adult supervision and many struggle with mastering new concepts and skills if left alone to learn by themselves. Parent involvement is absolutely essential for the success of this program.


  The Academy staff is supporting the parents in their God-given responsibility to be the primary educators of their children.

  The staff further supports the parent by assisting in the determination of the student’s current skill level and placement of curriculum assignments to take the student to the next level in their education.

  By requesting and obtaining the student’s academic records from the previous school and exercising their education knowledge, the Academy staff can set forth a course of study for the student’s academic success.

  The Academy provides the parent with a Christian, self-instructional, individualized, curriculum to assist them in the education of the student.

  The Handbook and Instructions is provided to parents by the Academy.

  The Academy staff continues to support the parent by providing quality technical, academic, and administrative assistance on a daily basis.

  The Academy staff reviews and reports student progress, while maintaining the student’s academic records. Transcripts of the student’s academic work are available to the parent upon request.

  Upon successful completion of the graduation requirements, the Academy issues a High School diploma.


The curriculums used by Christian Academy of America were developed within the framework of the vision and mission of Christian Academy of America and aligns well with the Academy’s purpose and mission. The curriculum designers are experienced classroom teachers and experts who utilized the personalized, individualized mode for program delivery. The materials are designed to meet the academic needs of most K -12 grade students.

The original design for the curriculum was research-based, and that design incorporated a number of key features, which the research continues to validate. For example, the design includes both a formative and summative assessment system, the use of individualized learning goals, and a diagnostic- prescriptive instructional approach within a mastery-learning framework.

Both the workbook and the online curriculum materials provide a very structured learning sequence with a set standard of performance. Each subject’s content (scope and sequence) and performance (mastery level) can be thought of as the student’s learning base. The learning base provides an instructional base from which a highly individualized and personalized educational program may be delivered, while providing criteria for mastery competence level. This structured program guides and directs learning by using standards and by placing a benchmark for mastery learning performance levels within which students may experience and practice with independence. Thus, students are guided and directed through the learning process and at the same time are allowed to exercise freedom and learn responsibility. They learn to make proper choices and decisions, to set goals, and to accomplish them independently. They also exercise self- discipline as they work within standards and limitations of behavior.

Our Founders

Founders of Christian Academy of America, Dave and Pauline Adams began working in the field of education over 40 years ago. After teaching and administrating in several Christian schools, Dave became involved in providing quality curriculum to families choosing to home school. In 1983, Dave and Pauline founded Christian Academy of America (originally North Texas Academy) with the goal of making available an affordable, academically sound and parent-friendly distance learning school to families.