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New student enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is closed for 1st - 12th grades.*

*CAA is still accepting re-enrolling students.

American Academy National Homeschool is a school similar to ours and uses the same curriculum. (405) 634-7777

Welcome to CAA

Christian Academy of America is an accredited, distance-based private Christian school. We 
have been serving homeschool families for over thirty years. We offer self-paced online and workbook-based course programs for Christian homeschool families. 

Individualized Online Private Christian School That Fits Your Child

Since God made each child unique with different learning styles, abilities, goals, and dreams, individualizing education is very important. CAA accomplishes this individualization through assessments, listening to parents and students share their heart, and using academically sound Bible-based curricula.

Learn More About How We Help Christian Homeschool Families Educate

We believe parents know their students better than anyone else and want the best for them. The staff at Christian Academy of America is here to assist you in maximizing your student’s potential for life through education. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable online schooling options.



We are an accredited, parent-friendly, private, online Christian school dedicated to providing the best in academic excellence.



Your children will love our affordable K-12 curriculum available either online or with workbooks.

Self- Paced


Children proceed at their own pace, earn a high school diploma, and can even graduate early with our distance learning academy.

Individualized Enrollment

 Our academic school calendar is individualized. This means that from the time that a student enrolls for a complete grade level, whether online or workbook, they will have up to 12 months for completion.  

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Programs and Curriculums

With our Kindergarten through 12th Grade workbook and online programs geared towards Christian homeschoolers, we provide an individualized experience for each student. Using our online curriculum, Ignitia, or our workbook curriculum, primarily Accelerated Christian Education, we are able to give your child an accredited private Christian education that is self-paced and best fits their learning style.

Accredited Diploma

Our students have the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma from home. CAA provides guidance for our high school students. Students who complete the graduation requirements earn an accredited diploma. Graduate transcripts for colleges and employers are available upon request. There’s no better time than now to enroll your student in our online Christian High School program!

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Get to Know CAA

Christian Academy of America originally started as a home school academy called North Texas Academy. Christian Academy of America is now a nationally and regionally accredited, distance-based private Christian school recognized by TEPSAC. CAA is also a member of the Texas Private School Association. It has been serving families for over 32 years. CAA has currently helped over 12,000 families and has had more than 1,500 graduates. 

Christian Academy of America
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As an enrolled student in CAA you will have access to parent and student resources including a free online video library with over 20,000 Bible studies and videos to help with everyday life as a parent, young adult, teenager or child.

On our Resources page you will also find many videos, tables, charts and aids to assist you in your student’s education.

Ready to earn your accredited High School diploma?


Kindergarten Parent
Thank you so much for the wonderful school year Alana has had. She truly enjoyed the schoolwork and learning experience. Even though school is out we are still practicing our writing and expanding our reading skills. God Bless you all for everything that you have helped my daughter and myself with this past school year. I am so blessed and happy that she has satisfactorily finished Kindergarten. Thank you for everything and God Bless.
Current CAA Parent
I honestly wish every parent who has a child / children that have personal struggles knew about Christian Academy of America. I cannot express the difference in our lives since our student began with y'all. Thank you and your incredible staff for all of your hard work, patience and grace
From a High school Parent
The Christian-based workbook curriculum fits the needs of my child. He loves it and is doing well with it. Support from the school staff on high school planning and college planning has been great. At the beginning of the Geometry course, my son had a low score on the 1st test and I consulted with the staff. They provided information and resources to help and a plan for bringing up his grade. He ended up with an A in the class overall.