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What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment courses allow high school students to take courses needed for high school graduation at a college level and receive credit from both institutions.


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Begin dual enrollment as early as the summer after your sophomore year of high school by enrolling in accredited college courses. Classes may be taken online or at the college campus. You may take an individual course, complete a semester or year of college, or even earn an associate’s degree! With concurrent completion of high school and college credits and the substantial tuition discounts offered by most colleges, you will save time and money. 

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what courses can i take?

Dual credit courses must be approved in advance by the CAA administrator to ensure satisfaction of high school requirements. College level courses will be accepted for dual credits at the following rate: 3 credit hours = 1 high school credit. The Academy Administration Fee will apply for each course taken that exceeds the maximum of 6 credits covered by standard tuition.


A CAA high school advisor will work with each family to see how many dual enrollment courses should be in a student’s schedule based on the student’s academic abilities and goals. Students must take two internal curricula academic courses from CAA each school year.


You may take college courses at any approved community or Christian college or university that offers dual credit courses for high school students. All dual credit courses must be approved in advance by the CAA administration to ensure satisfaction of high school requirements.

CAA Dual Credit Partnerships

CAA is now partnering with Maranatha Baptist University to provide dual enrollment opportunities for our students who are juniors and seniors in high school. Courses completed through Maranatha may simultaneously count toward completion of CAA’s high school requirements and your future college or university degree. This dual enrollment is convenient, accredited, and available at a discounted rate from Maranatha.

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